The Qur’anic Notion of Peace and War and Its Contextualization In Contemporary Era


  • muhammad taufikurohman Universitas Islam Negeri Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta


This paper is on the relation with the idea of peace and war, as narrated in the Qur'an through the verses revealed since many centuries ago. Historically speaking  that  the  Qur’an  took  place  in  a social context of significant diversity.  According  to the Qur'an, all Muslims are brothers and sisters   to each other and if a disagreement appears among them they make peace and correct it (Qur'an, 49:10). A number of important verses in the Qur’an reflect    this diversity   and   encourage Islamic  believers to seek   peaceful   coexistence  with  those  of  other  faiths,  especially  those  designated  as  “people  of  the  Book,â€Â  specifically  Christians,  Jews  and  Sabeans.  The modern era has accelerated the intensity and pace of interaction among believers in different religious traditions. However,  intense awareness of and interaction with other faiths has been present in the Islamic tradition from its inception and are not characteristics unique to the modern era. The Qur’an originated in  the multicultural milieu of seventh century Arabia, and thus addressed topics  such as  freedom of  conscience, rights of  minorities, human rights, and religious pluralism—all issues with which a multifaith community is bound to encounter and grapple with. In the later classical period of Islamic history, the exegesis of Islamic jurists markedly deemphasized peaceful coexistence in favor of interpretations   encouraging   conquest   and   religious   uniformity. Although the classical jurists have exercised enormous interpretive authority in   subsequent Islamic history,   their   authority   was   never   understood   to be absolute or equal to the authority of the Qur’an itself. It is the challenge for  Muslims   in   contemporary  times  to  recover  the  authority  of  Qur’anic  verses  encouraging peaceful coexistence and respect for human diversity, not merely  as    a  social   strategy,  but as an integral devotional aspect of   better  understanding the God who transcends all human understanding.


Keywords : Peaceful coexistance, Qur’an, Islam, Contextuallization, Jihad.




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