Urgensi Sumber Daya Insani dalam Institusi Perbankan Syariah


  • Yutisa Tri Cahyani Pascasarjana IAIN Ponorogo, Indonesia




urgency, SDI, Islamic banking


This article analyzes the concept of human resources in Islamic banking financial institutions. Human resources is components that must exist in Islamic banking institutions. During this time, the Islamic banking experience difficulty in finding competent human resources and qualified. They recruit human resources in Islamic banking institutions, it took on the human resources of conventional banking. In this article, the research method used is descriptive analysis. Is a research method that description how the urgency of human resources in Islamic banking today. From the description of the images and the existing Islamic banking problems, then analyzed and described by facts or reality. The results of this study indicate that happens during this time is simply the transfer of personnel from conventional banks to Islamic banks. So, what happens is less incompetence of the human resources in the field of Islamic banking in particular. Development of human resources needs to be done to improve the quality or the quality of human resources itself. This is done to meet the needs of human resources is still far from enough. With the development of human resources, will give birth to beings of qualified, competent and have the work ethic expected.


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Cahyani, Y. T. (2017). Urgensi Sumber Daya Insani dalam Institusi Perbankan Syariah. Jihbiz : Jurnal Ekonomi, Keuangan Dan Perbankan Syariah, 1(1), 71-82. https://doi.org/10.33379/jihbiz.v1i1.675