Author Guidelines

1. Articles should be written both english or Indonesian. Manuscripts written for JOGIV include research outcomes, field research or literary research and articles  reflecting social, politics and government phenomena. 

2. Abstract is written in English and Indonesian 150-250 words and 1 space. The abstract, at the least, must contain the aim, method, and result of the research. Keywords is 3-5 words, content is written in Indonesian. The writing system for research outcome is title, name of the writer, abstract with key words, Introduction, methods, Result and discussion, conclusion, and reference.

3. Manuscript is typed using Microsoft Word program on A4 paper, around 10-20 pages in TimesNew Roman size 12 pts and 1,5 space.

4. Manuscript is to be submitted directly to the [email protected] or by creating user account as an author in

5. Main Title should be clear and informative and should not exceed 14 words (Times New Roman, 14pt, Bold)

6. The name of the author is written without any academic degree, followed by the name of author’s institution, located under the title of the article. In case manuscript written by the team, the editor is only in contact with the main author or the first mentioned author. The main author must include his/her correspondence address or e-mail.

7. The list of references only contains referred sources, and all referred sources must be mentioned on the list. Reference sources consist of, at the least, 80% printed literature published in the last 10 years. The reference sources in the form of research articles in a journal or in a research report (including undergraduate theses, master theses, dissertations, books, and other relevant publications).


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Book chapter

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Journal article

Lee, K. (2004). Reading and learning strategies: recommendations for the 21st century. Journal of Developmental Education, 28(2), 2-15.

Journal article with DOI

Kusumaningrum, D. (2016). Interdependence versus truth and justice: lessons from reconciliation processes in Maluku. Jurnal Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik, 20(1), 15. doi: 10.22146/jsp.17998

Smith, G. (2012). Barthes on Jamie: Myth and the TV revolutionary. Journal of Media Practice, 13, 3-17. doi: 10.1386/jmpr.13.1.3_1

Journal article on website

Austin, D. (2009). Fatty acids, breastfeeding and autism spectrum disorder. E-journal of Applied Psychology, 5(1), 49-52. Retrieved from http://ojs/

Newspaper article

Fung, M. (2006, December 12). Asthma rates are increasing. Winnipeg Free Press, pp. C4.

Newspaper article on website

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Website document

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Book translation

Mancusa, S., & Viola, A. (2015). Brilliant green: the surprising history and science of plant intelligence (J. Benham, Trans.). Washington, DC: Island Press.


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