This publication is available online through open access. Jurnal PRIMED is a journal dedicated to the publication of quality research results in the fields of elementary school science, learning innovation, learning methods, learning media, learning innovation, and learning management.

Jurnal PRIMED receives following types of studies/papers:
(1) Empirical research, Studies that re-examine important empirical work using alternative theoretical or empirical frameworks, or a different data set. These studies often involve experimental designs and multivariate techniques that examine relationships among variables.
(2) Literature review, Studies that review and synthesizes the state of art of a particular topic. The reviewed papers should be selected based on a certain systematic method.
(3) Theoretical research, Studies that test or explore theoretical issues and provide additional insights on the issues
(4) Case study, Studies that investigate a phenomenon within its real-life context based on an in-depth investigation in order to gain a more comprehensive understanding about the research object.